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Once you've experienced Bark King's Blower Truck Service in action and seen the immediate and beautiful transformation of your yard or project, you will understand why Bark King is the only choice for the area's most discriminating landscapers, builders and homeowners.
Give Your Landscape the "Royal Treatment"

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Bark King: THE Standard in Blower Truck Service

Mulch blown in by Bark King's highly-skilled operators has a smooth, consistent finish unattainable by any other method of application, and unmatched by other blower truck companies. The overall beauty of your entire landscape will be enhanced by the velvety, manicured finish our operators apply to every project we do. When Bark King’s crew is finished, your landscape will look its absolute best!

Bark King is much more than just bark!!

In addition to landscape mulches such as bark, compost and Fertile Mulch, we install playground chips for safety surfaces in playgrounds, compost BMP’s that combat erosion and contain sediment, Green Roof and rooftop garden specialty soils for commercial and private rooftops, and our Heavy Duty blower truck can even install some topsoil mixes and rock applications. Regardless of which service you need, you can be confident it will be installed with the same precision and attention to detail that we apply to the most intricate and detailed of landscapes.
Bark King performs work for the areas’ most demanding and award-winning landscapers, builders, and property managers because they demand the very best for their clients. Don’t you deserve the same?
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"Thank you Bark King for the excellent service with this mulch job. I am extremely happy that I could be worked in so quickly..."
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