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Once you've experienced Bark King's Blower Truck Service in action and seen the immediate and beautiful transformation of your yard or project, you will understand why Bark King is the only choice for the area's most discriminating landscapers, builders and homeowners.
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Blower Truck Installation Services in Kirkland, WA

Man Mulching — Mulch services in Kirkland, WA

Landscape Mulching

Bark without the backache! Mulch installed by Bark King couldn't be easier or more beautiful--and the benefits don't stop once Bark King has finished the job! Our all-natural mulches save labor for everyone--from the gardener to the landscaper--by preventing the germination of most weeds; thereby reducing the need for constant, annoying weeding or the use of herbicides. Airborne weeds may take root, but a good 3" to 4" layer of mulch installed by Bark King makes weeding EASY! Let the experts at Bark King blow you away with just how fast, easy, and beautiful a mulch installation can be!
Man Adding Playground Chips at the Playground— Playground Chip Installation service in Kirkland, WA

Playground Chip Installation

The most common cause of injuries on the playground comes from children falling, and the right choice of material as a playground surface can make all the difference. At Bark King, our high-tech blower trucks and expert crews provide the perfect solution for playground chip installation.
Green Land — Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control service in Kirkland, WA

Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control

Erosion prevention and sediment control have developed into an increasing percentage of the installations that Bark King performs each year. This is a direct result of the increasing demand that has been placed on builders and developers to comply with new, more-restrictive laws designed to protect our waterways.
Green Roofs — Green Roof Installation in Kirkland, WA

Green Roof Installation

The Pacific NW has always been forward looking, and Bark King's commitment to that innovative spirit and eco-awareness shows in Bark King's Green Roof installations! Green roofs (also called eco-roofs or roof gardens) improve the energy performance of buildings, improve air quality, and beautify the urban environment. Proudly, Bark King has installed green roofs on hospitals, university campuses, local schools and office buildings, and even private residences. Let Bark King demonstrate our impressive experience, attention to detail, and the advantage of our state-of-the-art blower truck expertise in your green roof installation!
Rocks in Backyard  — Rock & Soil Installation service in Kirkland, WA

Rock Blowing

Bark King is proud of our Heavy Duty Rock Blower Truck--the only in the Seattle area! With this unique Blower Truck--designed and engineered to handle heavier products--boasts impressive power. The increased speed and efficiency Bark King's Heavy Duty Blower Truck provides permits Bark King to perform jobs standard Blower Trucks just don't have the muscle to do. Because of this power, Bark King's expert technicians are able to place rock and grave precisely, at greater distances and with more precision than other installation methods!
Bark King's exceptional installation crews set us apart from other companies. At Bark King, we pride ourselves on the depth of training, the high level of skill, and the friendliness and commitment of our crews to deliver the highest quality work on each and every installation.
Bark King's prides itself as the premier Blower Truck Installation company in the area. Bark King boasts the most modern technology available in the blower truck industry. Meticulously maintained equipment ensures Bark King provides the premium service for your on-site installation.