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Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control service in Kirkland, WA


Erosion and Sediment Control that works!

Erosion control is an essential component for most construction sites today. Increasing EPA regulations require that erosion and sediment controls be put in place for all construction projects that disturb more than one acre of land. These regulations apply to both public and private construction projects. At Bark King, we strive to mimic the natural, undisturbed soil conditions and return sites to as close to pre-construction condition as possible.
Green Land_1 — Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control service in Kirkland, WA

The Bark King Advantage: Minimizing our Footprint...

You can turn to Bark King for your erosion and sediment control needs because our methods are highly effective at minimizing the footprint construction can leave on our geography. Precise application by Bark King's certified and expert Blower Truck installers insures that your project is completed with minimal impact to your worksite and the surrounding area!

Keeping in line with all of the products that Bark King installs, our erosion prevention and sediment control BMP’s are all 100% organic. More specifically, they each utilize the many components of compost that make it highly-effective both in reducing erosion and in controlling and filtering sediment. Bark King works conscientiously to reduce to apply material with as little disturbance to the surroundings as possible, which allows Bark King, proudly, to note that our blower truck installation method puts us in compliance with increasingly preferred LID (Low Impact Development) requirements.

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