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Once you've experienced Bark King's Blower Truck Service in action and seen the immediate and beautiful transformation of your yard or project, you will understand why Bark King is the only choice for the area's most discriminating landscapers, builders and homeowners.
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Green Roof Installation in Kirkland, WA

The Pacific NW has always been forward looking, and Bark King's commitment to that innovative spirit and eco-awareness shows in Bark King's Green Roof installations! Green roofs (also called eco-roofs or roof gardens) improve the energy perfomance of buildings, improve air quality, and beautify the urban environment. Proudly, Bark King has installed green roofs on hospitals, university campuses, local schools and office buildings, and even private residences. Let Bark King demonstrate our impressive experience, attention to detail, and the advantage of our state-of-the-art blower truck expertise in your green roof installation!
Green Roofs_1 — Green Roof Installation in Kirkland, WA

The Bark King Advantage: POWER & PRECISION

Bark King’s installation team has always brought precision to its projects, but access to the rooftops is typically many stories up and often several hundred feet out from the rooftop access point. Blowing material up that high and out that far can oftentimes present a challenge to standard blower trucks. For the green roof applications, we needed more power. With that in mind Bark King acquired the one and only Heavy Duty Rock Blower Truck in our market. This truck has been designed and engineered specifically to handle heavier products such as soils and aggregates, and wow! does it have power! The increased speed and efficiency this truck delivers continues to impress, and permits us to perform jobs that standard blower trucks simply aren’t capable of. This one-two punch of power and precision makes Bark King a top contender for the placement of Green Roof Media.
Our extensive industry experience supplemented by the addition of our heavy duty rock blower, makes Bark King an increasingly popular option to the more costly and labor-intensive construction crane and landscape crew alternative. Our two-three man crew quickly and efficiently installs a variety of rooftop soil blends, aggregates, mulches or compost precisely to specification. No cranes, no wheelbarrows, no trips up and down elevators by 8-10 member crews. Just one powerful truck and Bark King’s high-performance crew laying the foundation for the next beautiful green roof or rooftop garden.

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