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Playground Chip Installation service in Kirkland, WA

The most common cause of injuries on the playground comes from children falling, and the right choice of material as a playground surface can make all the difference. At Bark King, our high-tech blower trucks and expert crews provide the perfect solution for playground chip installation.

The Bark King Blower Truck Advantage

Bark King blower trucks are specifically designed for quick and efficient installations into difficult to reach or otherwise inaccessible areas. Whether a playground is located behind buildings, over fences, inside courtyards, or even hundreds of feet from where the truck can be parked, we can easily and proficiently get the job done. With our experienced crews, playground owners can be confident that the playground chips will be placed in the exact areas needed & to the proper depth necessary to help keep playgrounds safe for kids out being kids.
2 guys at Playground —  Playground Chip Installation service in Kirkland, WA

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