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Once you've experienced Bark King's Blower Truck Service in action and seen the immediate and beautiful transformation of your yard or project, you will understand why Bark King is the only choice for the area's most discriminating landscapers, builders and homeowners.
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Rock & Soil Installation service in Kirkland, WA

Bark King is proud of our Heavy Duty Rock Blower Truck--the only in the Seattle area! With this unique Blower Truck--designed and engineered to handle heavier products--boasts impressive power. The increased speed and efficiency Bark King's Heavy Duty Blower Truck provides permits Bark King to perform jobs standard Blower Trucks just don't have the muscle to do. Because of this power, Bark King's expert technicians are able to place rock and grave precisely, at greater distances and with more precision than other installation methods!
Rocks and Soil — Rock & Soil Installation service in Kirkland, WA

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